Controlling your Sonos speakers from Python and the commandline

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Welcome to SoCo

SoCo (Sonos Controller) lets you control your Sonos speakers from Python or the commandline.

Python example

When using Python, you need the soco package (see GitHub project).

# Import soco and get a SoCo instance
import soco
device = soco.discovery.any_soco()

# Get all albums from the music library that contains the word "Black"
# and add them to the queue
albums = device.music_library.get_albums(search_term='Black')
for album in albums:
	print('Added:', album.title)

# Dial up the volume (just a bit) and play
device.volume += 10

Commandline example

For the commandline interface you need the socos package (see GitHub project).

$ socos list
(1) Living room
(2) Bedroom

$ socos play


If you want to ask questions or start a discussion, you can find us on Google Groups.